EXmatic 470

electro pmeumatic - programmable

EXmatic 470 is an electro-pneumatic control unit for fully automatic control of pneumatic retractable housings of EXtract 8XX series. The integrated connection hose accommodates all control tubes and makes the installation very easy.The combination of the control unit EXmatic 470 and a retractable probe housing of EXtract 8XX series ensures safe access to a sensor by driving it easily out of the process into the maintenance position and clean them fully-automatic with different rinsing solutions or even to take out the sensor for inspection, calibration or exchange. The cleaning intervals as well as additional functions can be programmed very easily. Output contacts can be connected to a DCS for external start and monitoring. It is an open and autonomous system and does not depend on any specific sensor transmitter.


Your advantages

  • Full automatic measuring point
  • High extension of sensor-lifetime and reducing of servicing efforts
  • Open system - operates with any kind of transmitter
  • Output signals for connecting with PCS
  • Three different cleaning solutions usable
  • Sealing water function
  • Pre- and post-cleaning function
  • Integrated connecting hose for plug and play operation
  • Safe removal of the sensor under current process conditions


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Voltage supply: 24 V DC / 30 VA
Air supply: compressed air 6 bar
Input for ext. trigger: 24 V DC internal power supply for potentialfree contact
Current consumption: 1,6 A max.
Output ext. relays: 24 V DC max. 250 mA
Output pump: 24 V DC max. 250 mA
Output alarm contacts: 24 V DC max. 100 mA
Housing material: glass-reinforced plastic or stainless steel
Housing dimensions: 300 x 400 x 200 mm
Ambient temperature: 0…+55 °C
Type of protection: IP54



  • For the control of retractable probe housings for fully automatic cleaning operation
  • Removal of the sensor under current process conditions possible
  • In need for regular cleaning intervals
  • For persistent contamination of the sensor
  • In adherent or fibrous media

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