Probe housings

Modification of standard products

We supply our products in a variety of possible configurations as standard items. Nonetheless, special processes and/or special installation situations may require adequate modifications (e.g. special materials, various process connections, etc.). Therefore, our high-potential development and construction department elaborates relevant solutions together with our customers, if required.


CAD data for facility design

On request, we provide our customers with adequate CAD data in common formats for planning purposes at any time.


Availability of spare and wear parts kits

We have highest standards when it comes to the quality of our products. Nonetheless, they may be subject to wear depending on their type of use. To guarantee the trouble-free operation of probe housings, parts such as scrapers and O-rings should be replaced on a regular basis, depending on their use. For this purpose, we have appropriate spare and wear parts kits in stock.


Coordination of delivery dates and quantities

Especially for project-related deliveries, it may be necessary to coordinate delivery dates, quantities as well as the configurations of the probe housings to be supplied more detailed than usual. Therefore, we prepare appropriate delivery schedules in advance together with our customers and keep them updated throughout the project term.


Delivery to your desired address

Whether urgent delivery or less costs and efforts for the incoming and outgoing goods department of our customers – if required, we also deliver to your desired address (e.g. directly to the place of installation of the probe housing).