Optical sensors

Survey of media samples 

There is uncertainty e.g. for which media states our optical sensors are suitable or which of our sensors is suited best for which application. On request, we survey the media samples sent to us in our in-house laboratory and find the optimal sensor for each application together with our customers.


Sensors for rent 

It is not possible to provide us with media samples? The suitability of our sensors for your application should be tested during the actual process and under realistic conditions? On request, we provide you with selected optical sensors for rent for a certain period of time.


CAD data for facility design  

On request, we provide our customers with adequate CAD data in common formats for planning purposes at any time.


Check and recalibration (certificate included) in our plant 

An optical sensor from our company has been applied under process conditions for some time and should now be checked by us to confirm the measured values? On request, we check the sensor in our plant and recalibrate it (certificate included), if necessary.


Coordination of delivery dates and quantities

Especially for project-related deliveries, it may be necessary to coordinate the delivery dates and quantities of the products to be supplied more detailed than usual. Therefore, we prepare appropriate delivery schedules in advance together with our customers and keep them updated throughout the project term.


Delivery to your desired address

Whether urgent delivery or less costs and efforts for the incoming and outgoing goods department of our customers – if required, we also deliver to your desired address (e.g. directly to the place of installation of the optical sensor).