High-quality probe housings
and optical sensors in the
fields of pH measuring
and liquid analysis.

Product news

Turbidity measurement made easy

The new EXspect 231 NIR absorption sensor from EXNER is not only compact and robust, but also can be used in a multitude of processes and, at the same time, is easy to use.

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Professional article - OD-sensors

Monitoring cell growth

In the pharmaceutical and food industries cell growth is mostly measured optically. As part of the PAT initiative, the FDA is calling for online measurements of all process parameters relevant for quality. With the help of the Excell230 NIR sensor, optical density can now be monitored continuously, both on a small laboratory scale and in complex production processes.

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Professional article - housings

High potential for optimised pH measurement

High potential for optimised pH measurement: A well-designed, automatic rinse control system in combination with the proper retractable sensor housing can improve the availability, lifetime and precision of pH measuring points in hard processes. At the same time, maintenance requirements are reduced. There is no quicker way to cut down processing costs.

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